One of the big reasons Google keeps growing ad clicks a large degree year over year with aggregate click price falling significantly is YouTube ad views are counted as ad clicks & they keep dragging down the overall "click" price because they don't have the intent tied to them that a search for [new jersey auto insurance quotes for young drivers] does.

Until they can find a way to shift TV ad budgets across or can match TV-type CPMs at scale, they will struggle to get some of the best parts of premium TV content to share in a free(ish) ad-supported format.

And they don't want to seriously take on the hit-or-miss high cost production business model directly when they can get 45% of the ad revenues for hosting the videos without any production costs.

If they can't get the best premium content (outside of select niches like music) in order to keep people tuned in they'll need to keep pushing people down paths other people with similar view sets carry.

When people have a choice to select between neutral, something against their views, or something that confirms their views, they'll usually go for whatever confirms their views and identities.

But the craziest people end up getting the most weighting in the algorithm, because they'll be the ones spending hours and hours watching crazy stuff & leave the sort of click stream or watch stream that guides others who follow in their footsteps.

president Obama -> Obama bad for America -> xyz (corporate? ethnicity?) takeover conspiracy -> secret elite meetings -> Obama's wife is actually a man -> etc etc etc

Whenever someone self-selects out of the crazy, they stop contributing to the click paths & aggregate watch statistics on the topic.

They then either leave the site to go to other sites, take a break from the web, or search for some other siloed topic.

Within any sort of realm or topic, there is heavy incentive for the market edges to create slanted pieces. They'll get: more clicks, more view time, more ad revenues, more comments, likes, subscribers & recommendations, more offsite sharing, etc. So the producers also have a shared incentive to go right up to whatever limit there is. Filming suicided bodies? Why not.

So both the craziest content creators & craziest viewers will contribute to a large degree to shaping the landscape others see.

Every view on every topic is true. Someone else made a video confirming it in an absolutist fashion.

Other "high growth" social start ups also used sort of (not sure if this is the right word?) but catered to underserved markets to supercharge growth, hoping it would later lead into a more mainstream community where they could perhaps clean up some of the rough edges at some point.

Some of the sort of indy sites got their growth fuel from serving markets that were considered out of bounds by more mainstream publishers. Verizon took a writedown of about 50% of the combined purchase price of AOL & Yahoo yesterday. Years ago Yahoo bought Tumblr for over a quarter the amount Yahoo ultimately sold itself for. Tumblr had quite a bit of porn & semi-porn stuff on it, which was recently announced would be going away. Reddit had sub-sections for topics like jailbait, creepshots, beatingwomen, fatpeoplehate, sanctionedsuicides, etc etc etc

Tumblr is likely to eventually get shut down just like Geocities was. Verizon could sell it back to the original founder (in a parallel to how was sold off to the YouTube founders, or how Flickr was sold off to Smugmug) but one issue with selling anything at a steep loss is if it makes a comeback later then that gets pointed to as proof of mismanagement.