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Anyways, you ever recall anything like this now? When's the last time the Fed talked about NOT doing rate hikes and got more dovish and the market response was to nosedive?
I think some of the recent move over the past couple days was combo of...

  • people who were riding the recovery from some point early in the year wanting to take some chips off the table in case the Fed lays an egg
  • the China trade war breakdown motif. this always seems to pop up a day before the Fed announces their decisions, though I am not sure if the rumor leaks come from
    • China: which is trying to either hold down the value of the Dollar or make the Fed look politically captured or add volatility to the US stock market to make any tightening have an outsized impact by swinging momentum
    • Trump administration: which wants all the glory for up days, but wants to constrain the Fed by ensuring the Fed is wearing egg on their face & owning any sharp down moves driven by their policy changes

Today the US stock market is once again on fire. Growth up, value up, large cap up, small cap up, etc.

Financials is the only category not up on the day (and that makes sense since so many banks still offer about 0.09% on their "high interest" savings accounts while the rates on home loans fell about that much on the dovish fed announcement yesterday.