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Without being a health care professional, I can only revert to what I know about innovation in general.

If health care professionals want it, they will inevitably get it.

Although there is likely to be supply/demand imbalances due to supply chain funnels.

Perhaps you are confusing silence with a lack of demand/efficacy/probability/utility?

If the majority of health care providers are demanding PPE/ventilators then we should make what they want/need to fill the short term capacity gap.

I’m a big fan of Y-Combinator’s Paul Graham, “Build things people want.”
OK, what is it that "People" want? May I be so bold as to suggest that what people want is to survive this pandemic. Now, please, do me a favour, sit and watch this video: https://youtu.be/yfXVce34A78 which was taken from this web page put up by Dr. Joseph Mercola https://articles.mercola.com/sites/a...mortality.aspx

What you will learn is that the risk to be faced is an 80% reduction in death rates, in large part dramatically reducing the need for PPE/ventilators; using a new treatment protocol that has no side effects, and is cheap and very easy to administer; resulting in the patient, close to death, expected overnight, being well on the way to full recovery by that same morning. Now, tell me which you WILL prefer as you drop into that final coma, a ventilator, or the new protocol that carries the very high risk of your survival? Again, please, watch that interview on YouTube.