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On my part, the debate revolves around treatment protocol. Here in the UK we keep hearing about a desperate need for ventilators, assumed for desperately ill patients in ICU, for which the numbers are not in dispute. My input relates to the ongoing silence about the potential to use a cheap, safe and easily available protocol, intravenous Vitamin C, Hydrocortisone and Vitamin B1, (Thiamine), which has already been shown to bring down death rates for Sepsis by 80%. Why the silence?
Without being a health care professional, I can only revert to what I know about innovation in general.

If health care professionals want it, they will inevitably get it.

Although there is likely to be supply/demand imbalances due to supply chain funnels.

Perhaps you are confusing silence with a lack of demand/efficacy/probability/utility?

If the majority of health care providers are demanding PPE/ventilators then we should make what they want/need to fill the short term capacity gap.

I’m a big fan of Y-Combinator’s Paul Graham, “Build things people want.”