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And the peanut gallery accuses me of trolling!

Dude, as far as I can recall, nobody here expressing sympathy or encouragement for Trump refers to him as "champion of the working class." That's your sobriquet.

The link in my sig details my motivations and beyond that, I did say he's the best shot available to us. You believe in redemption, don't you?

Odds are Lucy pulls the football one more time. Okay then. But if there's a small chance, I think it's worth taking. Otherwise, he's as you say, "just another Republican."

Except when he's "literally Hitler."
I don't get how anyone can think a president of the United States has much power to change the course of the country, except hurt it by engaging in foreign misadventure's.

The course is set by the vested interests of the ruling elite, I don't see how any well meaning President would have the intelligence or luck to outmaneuver them.