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We are spending more than any other country and not getting good results. The taxpayer needs to see a return on investment.
That is true about healthcare, as jk points out. It's not true about k-12 education. It's just not. The CBS link was silly. Yes, teachers in Slovakia earn $10k less than US teachers on average. But have you seen the rents in Slovakia? $400/mo gets you a decent place. A beer at the bar is still $1. A pack of smokes is $3. A three course meal at the fanciest restaurant is $15. At purchasing power parity, the $28k goes further than the $38k would in most parts of the US.

As for the other country comparisons, don't forget, about 12-15% of all that teacher pay in the US goes right to health insurance premiums. This is a cost that no other country has to worry about. So whatever you think American teachers make, discount it by about 12%, and you'll realize something closer to what they actually earn compared to their foreign counterparts in countries with universal healthcare that's much cheaper and that has much better health outcomes.

We're sacrificing 20% of our economy to the for-profit healthcare extortion racket every year, and growing.