For sure Vancouver residents have pumped up the bubble to unimaginable levels. I live nearby and had co-workers in Vancouver, and that's all they could talk about for the past 5 years - literally every single lunch conversation included vancouver real estate euphoria talk. They would discuss how much paper gains they have and how idiotic anyone is who doesn't sign up for multiple mortgages. Even now, anecdotally, I hear people talk about how their entire family (mom+dad+grandparents+uncles) are all combining their savings to buy even more real estate. At least half my co-workers owned 2 properties. One guy, had as many as 5!

"For those who think the Vancouver housing bubble was the sole creation of a bunch of money laundering Chinese dudes, read the linked Global News article and have a good look at the 2017/18 pop in the red line and the blue line on the chart. That's Canadians doing it to their little beaver selves. No assistance from foreigners needed whatsoever."
I don't think it was all pure speculation... $1B in Chinese laundered drug $$ probably helped things move along.

"Secret police study finds crime networks could have laundered over $1B through Vancouver homes in 2016" (Nov 2018 article)