no language requirement for these:

The Quebec Entrepreneur Program could be a great fit for you if you have experience owning a business. In order to apply, you must have a business idea into which you are willing to invest at least CAD $200,000, or you have your business idea financed by one of Quebec’s designated business accelerators or business incubators.
The Quebec Investor Program is for heavy-hitting investors. If you have a personal net worth of at least CAD $2 million and you’re willing to invest at least CAD $1.2 million into Quebec, then you can apply for permanent residency through this stream.

in the u.s. at least these business investment for a green card deals are just waiting for applicants with money. they're usually big real estate deals, an individual invests $500,000, voila- you're an entrepreneur. i assume there are similar structures in canada. CAD $200k isn't a lot for someone looking to move to a place with rule-of-law and international flavor. of course it's not as quick a trip to/from asia as vancouver.