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every time i see this graph i think about whether i'd like a pied a terre in montreal.
After reviewing our travel options, we decided to buy a boat so we can go wherever we want. Montreal is our favorite NA city in the summer but we don't really want to own anything in the still somewhat frozen north. This spring we're headed up the Hudson, Champlain Canal, etc., to Montreal. Plan to spend a couple of months between there and QC and head back south as the weather changes. On a boat you can spend a month in Montreal for about 1/3 the cost of a hotel and stay right in the old city and explore all you want along the St. Lawrence. The great thing about a boat is that you can winter in the Bahamas and it costs less than the average house in either location. The other thing we've learned about living aboard is that you just don't care about the day-to-day stupidity happening on land, docking without incident and the day's weather are much bigger concerns.