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Sounds like a good time to short the cult.
The time to do so is at moment of the peak in cult leader's fame, public adoration, and appearance of invincibility. Say, when Musk makes Time Magazine Person of the Year.

Musk made the Time cover back in 2013, but only as among 100 influential people. For this indicator to be reliable as a tradable peak indicator he needs to be named Time's Person of the Year, maybe in 2019.

Then I'd be sorely tempted to short TSLA. By then the hedge funds will have thrown in the towel and put options won't be as outrageously expensive as they are today.

Besides the obvious historical reliability of that special recognition as a peak indicator, Musk on Time's cover will be a special case; it will doubly serve as an echo of the fate of his company's namesake.

Nikola Tesla made the cover of Time Magazine in 1931.

What happened after that.

I've always wondered whether Musk in choosing Tesla to name his company consciously or not sees in himself some of both of Nikola Tesla's genius and his fatal flaws, grandiosity chief among the latter.