Please. Elon is moving us in the right direction while he defrauds the public with his Tesla shares. It will be very interesting when the Tesla Bubble pops.

Elon Musk is making PT Barnum and Charles Ponzi look like amaetures.

Does anyone remember the halo that surrounded Ken Lay of Enron?

From June 2000

"Kenneth Lay: The energetic messiah

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Exactly a year ago, the top brass from big oil and gas companies gathered in London. They brainstormed a bit, gossiped a lot and drank too much coffee. But when Kenneth Lay rose to speak, there was pin-drop silence. As the chairman of Enron sketched his vision for how liberalisation and deregulation would transform the world's energy markets, his rivals were busily scribbling notes. Some nodded dumbly. Others shouted out half-baked questions. Having expanded Enron's market capitalisation nine-fold over the past decade, asked one boss, could he possibly top that? "We'll do it again this coming decade," he responded coolly. Mouths fell agape."