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Hey Astonas, good on you, buddy, and good to hear from you!
Thanks, dcarrigg,

One of the reasons I created this thread in the public forums rather than in the select was so that I could be sure that you and other non-select members could see it.

You see, it was in part the consistently passionate and well-reasoned arguments on matters relating to social equity on iTulip, many authored by yourself, that added strength to my worldview in that subject. And there is no doubt that that very worldview was being tested when I took the plunge; giving up a fair measure of stability to pursue this venture instead.

Never doubt that the words we write here matter, and often in ways we ourselves can't easily see. In turbulent times like these, it can sometimes feel that we are blowing against an overwhelming wind. But you never know who might be reading quietly, without necessarily responding, but learning from you nonetheless.

I've learned an incredible amount here, and I don't intend to stop, even while the time I can devote to iTulip is reduced. I should perhaps have had the presence of mind to do this in my original post, but I want to sincerely thank all iTulip members for the incredible wealth of learning that I've found here, and for keeping this community together for so long. I'm honestly not sure what I'd be doing today, had it not existed.

Thank you all!