I want to tell you a story. Recently I learned to love a smart speaker – and I think this story perhaps exemplifies the different ways people will probably discover VirZOOM.

A few months ago my son showed me his smart speaker – a small round tube. He explained the music is streamed from the cloud, and music choices were managed through his smart phone.

I went, “meh.”

I own a Google fi smart phone, but I use it only while traveling. His description went in one ear and out the other – I wasn’t interested in anything that’s going to make me pick up a smart phone several times a day.

Meanwhile, my son urged me to install new safety features in my home. (I live alone.) My computer guy said Google had small round speakers on sale for $35, so we put one in the bathroom. I didn’t need to program it with phone numbers – I just said “Okay google, please call JohnX” (my next door neighbor) and the device did so. It thanked me for saying please.

My computer guy loves these little speakers. He wakes up and asks about the weather and his schedule for the day while still in bed. Actually, I partly disapproved of this. In general, I want to keep on doing things the way I’ve been doing them. I write my daily list of things to do with pen and paper. I keep a longer-term list in my word processor. I look up the weather on my desktop computer. I was very glad to have this speaker in the bathroom, but just for one limited purpose.

Then I learned these devices can play music. For a reasonable amount I could buy a larger Google speaker with far better sound than any of the speakers in my office. Done.

I found I could ask the device to play any song whatsoever and 95% of the time it would do so. If I only recall a few words from a song, it’s pretty easy to look that up online.

I began dancing at my desk. Medical people have been telling me for years that I need to take breaks from the computer every hour or so. Now I’m doing it!

Now I have four of these devices. When I spoke to my 94-year-old aunt a few days ago, I started explaining how a smart speaker could make her life so much easier. A month ago I didn’t quite approve of these smart speakers – now they are a valuable addition to my life. They have completely changed my relationship to music, talk shows, and news.

You’re starting to grow VirZOOM from the most stable base – people who are already athletic, people who are somewhat used to virtual reality. As you expand, people will experience the same emotional hesitations and withdrawals and re-definitions I’ve experienced during the past month. Eventually, some percentage of unathletic people will discover that VirZOOM has completely changed their relationship to movement.

Good luck!