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There is a major dichotomy brewing in the 21st Century. Privileged humans are looking for entertainment and self improvement that offer personal opportunity and disconnection from the rest of humanity while everyone else is trying to understand how they will survive and possibly get ahead. I find VR to be the new entertainment conceit of the privileged.
I think the exact opposite will be true. VR will be for the masses. Reality will be for the privileged. You want to go see Paris or Sydney? Do you have 1000000 million carbon credits? No? Tough, no flight for you. Off you go to the VR suite / holiday resort down the road with you friends / family, put on your VR sets and walk around some concrete place where the VR overlays a 5* hotel and the sights you want to see. Stay there for a day or a week if you want a long holiday. Want to go shopping? Do you have carbon credits to drive your car to the mall or next city? Nope? Sit back on your sofa, put on your VR set and virtually visit the shops.

For the privilaged they will get in their private jets and fly and drive to whereever, enjoy Paris and Sydney free of tourists.

VR addiction will be a future disease. Some people will spend so long in VR that they will forget to eat, start to believe the VR and the people in it are the real world.

If you think people are crazy to rent stuff now (a designer handbag for a week etc) wait until they start renting VR stuff. Look at what people pay now for stuff in games (1's and 0's recorded on a harddisk on a server somewhere). Obviously only the brand owner would be able to rent out VR stuff with their logo on it. The rich would not need a VR handbag, they could buy the real thing on their real trip to Paris and proably get a free VR handbag with the real one to keep it exclusive.

What to do with prisioners 24h a day, stick a VR hedset on them. Schoolchildren, stick a VR headset on them.

There will be a NetFlix of VR. Buy a subscription and get all the VR shows/trips they produce to enjoy with you friends/family.

Just like older people now understand there was a world before the mobile phone this generation will understand there is a world before VR. Younger people will never understand what people did before VR. Went outside in the hot or cold? Stood at airports for hours to get a flight?

VR will be as cheap as a cheap mobile phone/headset and netflix subscription.