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The current versions of capitalism, socialism, and communism all have elites that get rich off the backs of the poor and middle class. Corruption is rampart in all of them.

Only free, fairly regulated markets with no corruption provide the strongest economies and growth. This has been perverted for over two decades, which is when the seeds of our current decline were sowed.

Socialism and Communism have been utter failures wherever attempted with Venezuela the latest example. Cuba will improve dramatically when it converts to free markets and the other freedoms of the West.
Really? You are just going to go with Cuba's economic system which ignores the political and economic isolation from the most important economy in the world? I think Cuba might do a little better if it could export its sugar and cigars while opening it up for tourism. I am sure a brand of Rum from foreign investment might also work. I am sure Cuba will benefit from relaxed financial restrictions.

However I have little doubt that Cuba getting better will be rubber stamped a "free market" success over "socialism" just because the US is not isolating it anymore, even though it will be a centrally managed crony state just like it was.