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.....have not found any good explanation why it costs more to send something 1200 miles than 12,000 miles, so it may be that Advanced charges me $20, pockets $12.00, and pays UPS $8 to carry a small box to me....
Perhaps Malaysian jet mechanics get paid less than USA truck mechanics. Airport fees, insurance, etc. might also be lower in Malaysia.
But there is still the problem that the package still get's to my house by truck, so that #%!!! american worker is still in the picture!
would offer that all 3 of these are the likely culprit, with #1 THE most likely case.

have seen a number of vendors i buy stuff from do this - they quote/charge the UPS 'list price'
but actually pay a much lower, heavily discounted 'volume based' price.

just be glad/happy that you dont have to deal with ocean freight, like tween the west coast and that place i'm OH so familiar with - when the shipping monopoly + the longshoreman's ransom + the jones act all jam it into ya - have heard that while it costs something on the order of $3000 to ship a 40ft can from the coast westbound to the afore mentioned, if that same can is going elsewhere westbound?

it can go - on any other random boat - not jones'n - all the way to the far-west (asia) for appx 300.