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would offer that all 3 of these are the likely culprit, with #1 THE most likely case.

. . .

just be glad/happy that you dont have to deal with ocean freight, . . . that while it costs something on the order of $3000 to ship a 40ft can from the coast westbound to the afore mentioned,

it can go - on any other random boat - not jones'n - all the way to the far-west (asia) for appx 300.

That certainly is a conundrum, probably comprehensible only to shipping industry insiders. I have heard that many of the US port facilities are actually owned by Aramco and other faceless multinational entities, not that that explains anything. I do remember my parents commented that one of my high school class mates (who probably finished in the lower 1/3 of the class) inherited her father's longshoreman position, operating the crane that puts the containers on the ship, bringing home $120k/year at age 19.