Cruz dropped out last night and Kasich dropped out this morning. There is only one person running on the Republican side and that person will win the nomination. Trump has his make up with Megyn meeting scheduled, he's working on the kinder, gentler version of The Donald and as Scott Adams noted, HRC's team is fighting the last battle when they switched from issues to persuasion and called Trump "too risky". He's the nominee because he's too risky. He will persuade with, "she's just more of the same". He'll make sure the National Inquirer slams Hilbil, (yup, sounds like hillbilly), every week. He will paint them as an ongoing criminal enterprise.

And what will she say to those allegations? If Trump were a standard politician like Kasich she could point to the fact that Bush / Cheney were 10X the criminals the Clintons were ever accused of being but that won't work against Trump because he'll just use it as ammo.

Clinton is in a box of her own making. She is a career politician with all the right traditional credentials, (Wellesley, Yale, First Lady, US Senator, Presidential candidate and Secretary of State). But a majority of Americans, both left and right, want change. I would have accepted change if it were Sanders, but not Trump. It remains to be seen if I'm in the minority. The idea that Trump is unelectable because of his negatives is only correct if one thinks Trump can't change the electorate's perception.

It's a long six months. We know Hillary's a bit boring but she's measured and resilient. We're about to find out if Trump can campaign for 6 months without a Dean Scream moment.

It will be fascinating to watch the real campaign now that there are really only two candidates. Let the mud slinging and the search for a home north of the border begin...