Hello Itulip community. I have a question and some anecdotal observations about real estate. I live in Florida in an area that was ground zero for the 2008 housing crash. Since 2011 housing prices have substantially increased. Days on market are much shorter than in the years since the housing crash and building of new homes is on fire. Some areas have seen run ups that have taken prices very near housing boom peaks. I work in an office environment and about 30% of my coworkers have signed contracts to build, buy or recently completed a home purchase. Most of these people have done so with less than 20% down including myself. I know that vetting of buyers by mortgage companies and banks is more strict than in the run up to the housing bubble peak. It does not seem to be as strict however as I would think seeing the past problems with lack of documentation. Is anyone else seeing anything else like this with real estate? I know many of the fundamental systemic problems that caused housing and other financialized assets to be hurt in the past have been removed however I still see things that could develop into problems. Just looking for feedback and information from the many well informed contributors in the Itulip community. Thanks for any info