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Is Hashgraph better than Blockchain?


Further background:




From this article:

"Emin Gün Sirer, an associate professor at Cornell and co-director of the Initiative for Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies, isn’t sure how much trust can be put into Hedera's platform. “The correctness of the entire HashGraph protocol seems to hinge on every participant knowing and agreeing upon N, the total number of participants in the system,” he tells Forbes. “This is a difficult number to determine in an open distributed system.” Hedera cofounder Baird disagrees, saying, “All of the nodes at a given time know how many nodes there are.” Until Hedera’s algorithm has been battle-tested in the real world, it’s likely too early to tell if its security will meet a gold standard."
Hedera is a bit too late to the party in my opinion. The scalability debate (i.e., throughput debate) has already happened and the biggest beneficiary of that debate was ripple (XRP) last year, which went up over 600X at one point. While the scalability issues associated with bitcoin are not going away, it is no longer the sexy thing to talk about that will drive prices up going forward. As I have stated before, the next big debate will be around fungibility (another big issue with bitcoin).

In the meantime, waiting for bitcoin to fall below $5,000/btc.