AS many of you know i traded my vRS Skoda (VW Bora GTI) of 12 years for a new Ford Fiesta 1 lite 3 cyinder, the story so far:-

New car fine except a few things:-
"Sports seats".............they only support the bottom half of you back, if you throw it round a Conner you fall out the top half.
"Gear Ratio's"............Ford are trying to use this engine to power everything up to a Queen Vic size car, thus they given the 1st 2 gears (1 & 2) very short ratio's......then they gone long on 3,4,5 (5 speed shift stick).

This means its a pig to drive in certain places were 2nd is too short & 3rd too long, not too impressed with the brakes either. Its a Disk/Drum set up...disk on the front, drums on the rear. They are tiny next to the brakes i had before & the last 20 years i had (Large) Disk on the front & rear.....i only had to stroke the brake pedal & i shed vast speed.....not now. I got a strange "two-speed" pedel, push a bit & the front disk bite, push more & you can feel the rear drums come into play. I run this set up before but never has it been this apparent.

It does go around bends very nicely, but no where as good as my Old Fiesta RS1800. The Trouble is the roll centre is higher and it feels it.

Still i can't bitch about the gas miles...........what used to cost me 66 before now costs me 39....a very handy saving. I think i save in all about 1500 a year, given that the Ford cost me 13,000 ish then in 2 years it will of effectively cost me 10,000. I get 4,000 on trade in thus it cost me 3,000 a year, not bad.

I used shift stick all my life & i said i go auto with this one, however given the mileage i do each year 18,000 miles & the cost of a VW or Mini would have been TWICE that of the Ford. No deal, so i keep the Ford for awhile (2 years)......i am hopeful that ALL new cars will have GPS tracking embedded into them & some sort of advanced anti-theft device that can "see" its YOU so the nasty scumbags can't attack me for it.