A few thoughts on this issue as follows:

1.) The drought in the SE USA is related to La Nina on the West Coast. The storm track is too far north to deliver potent storms regularly along 30N latitude.

The La Nina condition (which is related to the cold water along the West Coast) will ameliorate somewhat in the next few years when El Nino returns. Then more storms will take the southern route across North America along 30N latitude.

The La Nina drought condition is usually played-out most dramatically in California and in Baja California. But this year, the SE USA also had extreme drought.

2.) Sea water is not scarce on Earth; it's plentiful. And filtered sea water may be quite useful for drinking and for flushing purposes, also for cooling in power plants.

Atomic power can provide potable water from sea water at a cost of just 50cents U.S. per cubic metre. If the water has to be pumped up from the sea to a higher elevation, that pumping cost would be additional to the purification costs.

Some of the countries in the Middle East now use purified sea water for drinking, namely, Isreal, Saudi Arabia, and some of the countries along the Persian Gulf. Parts of Mexico and California now use purified sea water for drinking.

3.) Although population can not grow indefinitely, every human being on Earth is entitled to the highest standard of living this planet can provide. There is no reason why drinking water, energy, housing, medical care, and food have to be kept expensive and scarce.

4.) So-called environmentalists (who are now blocking energy projects, blocking housing projects, blocking water projects, blocking transportation projects, etc.) are enemies of economic growth. And without growth and resource development, we starve.