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"I sacrifice these days of my life in traffic for the good fortune to never shovel snow to get out of my driveway and shall bond with the other several thousand drivers around me who are making the same deal, although I shall honk at the more idiot among them on occasion."

In the Silicon Valley of the 90's , I think it was "I accept long commutes and sky high housing costs for a good job,
fair weather, and hope of making money on the house when I sell it."

As a San Francisco area native, I find the Bay Area less and less acceptable over the decades, due to the increasing congestion. (San Francisco itself does not suffer from this problem, only parts of the Bay Area). The problem is that peoples attitudes and public policy never adapted to the reality of high population density. Few apartments are higher than 5 stories, and underground parking is still a rarity. If I was in charge, every apartment would be 20 stories high, with parking completely underneath it. Not to mention a large space devoted to single family dwellings. The amount of land area devoted to car parks is just absurd.