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don't collapse decades in describing the evolution of the cold war.

weapons such as nuclear tube and missile artillery, the nuclear recoilless gun/tactical launcher
Davy Crockett, Special Atomic Demolition Munitions,

decades between above and below here too ;)

as well as the far bigger gap of nuclear versus conventional deterrent

AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, and A-10 ground attack aircraft

so i'd say there was no existential threat to the u.s., and i'd say the u.s. government knew that at the time.
Looks like a situation of "agree to disagree".

Where I will concede is that the disruptive threats to the state of the late 60's/70s in the US would likely have not been perceived as serious as those facing Western Europe(which stretched WELL into the 80's).

Maybe it's a question of relative political participation/action between the US and Western Europe that seems to exist to this day.

Coups on the periphery of Western Europe(Portugal and Turkey), Aldo Moro kidnapped and executed, Olof Palme assassinated, and broader/deeper clustered attacks of political violence.

The velocity and magnification of instantaneous internet news today makes one wonder if what happened in the late 60's/70's in the US and 70's/80's in Western Europe repeated today, it would be FAR more exciting than the current level of "excitement" we've experienced in the last decade plus.

Hopefully events in France don't represent a data point in a return to another period of political(as well as ideological) violence, but I reckon that's what we may be seeing.

Not in an existential sense from a western short attention perspective, but maybe more along the lines of very long term financial and ideological "terraforming".