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    I fear great minds and energy are being wasted here.

    The anthropogenic climate change argument cannot be resolved.

    The planet is not a petri dish and the atmosphere around it cannot be managed like an incubator to produce definitive data by experimentation.

    We can accurately measure the outputs of the complex system that produces them but not all of the inputs that produced them.

    We do not understand the system between the inputs and the outputs.

    We do not know which inputs or combination of inputs is producing the outputs.

    With respect to CO2 concentrations and temperatures we can prove correlation but not causation.

    We know that global temperatures can change dramatically without human activity.

    We can speculate that pumping millions tons of effluents into a tiny shell atmosphere around our earth is likely to produce a change in the environment through the system.

    We can speculate that the change is unlikely to be beneficial to the balance of the ecosystem that developed over the eons preceding.

    Back when I was a natural resource studies major in college in the late 1970s the trends at the time appeared to be alarming.

    I firmly believed in the scripture of the Club of Rome.

    Limits to Growth.

    But then over time I came to respect Mother Nature.

    I have spent enough years on Her mountains and Her oceans and in Her skies, and seen what She does to a plot of unattended earth to reclaim it from man in the infinitesimal span of a human life that I can imagine what She can do in a million or 100 million years.

    I know with no uncertainty that we do not stand a chance of causing any meaningful change in the planet in Her timeframe.

    We can explode every nuclear weapon we have and within a few minutes in Her lifespan it will be but a blip too insufficient to recall.

    Anything we as humanity do She can undue.

    The Climate Change debate is a yearning for human significance in an era of loss of faith.

    It is a religious debate but who is the protagonist?
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