Oh, BOO WOO Limey scum...........sorry the "plan" didn't work.

Libya was working well with china...much the dis-pleasure of the Limey scum. Having once "Owned" Libya the limeys thought it was time to turn the clock back to the 19th Cenrty.......when Britan "owned" 33% of the planet. Having now almost run out of Northsea production the Limey scum required a source of light sweet crude that they could "pay for" in their own "Fiat".

Just Kill its leaders, install a NASTY (but under their control) goverment.....roll out a few Cricket piches, teach the "locals" (ni**ers) what leg before wricket means........& Bobs your uncle!

France helped, when offered some of the Action & an a greement to give them Syria (Ex-France nation).

Well, Well .........it just didn't quite pan out for you did it limey scum!

China was not a bit impressed with getting its legs cut from under it by that "Nice" Nation that flooded it with Opuim.......China rang its mates in Qatar & got its check book out!

Now, just lisen to them Bleat about what happening to the people Lybia......