There's a big march coming up this weekend to "stop global warming". Everyone involved is feeling cumbia, we are the world, peace and love, etc. Many 1st world folks will fly to their marches to save the world. Chase Utley is a multi-millionaire baseball player who travels by air 100 times a year but he's..."marching because I know how important it is for all of us to face the reality of global warming.". This is how the 1% of the 1% see the world. This guy is financially 2 orders of magnitude away from most folks and thinks he's helping make a change. We're not Utley but most of us are an order of magnitude from this issue so no one here really cares if the world is heating up as long as Starbucks and Whole Foods is open.

I'm sure Chase is a nice millionaire with his heart in the right place but like all of us, he's the problem...and he's doubled down to get 100X the money and with it, the security that most people will never have. I was watching the Alibaba IPO today, observing what a decent person Jack Ma appears to be and wondering who the humans will be that survive this experiment where we continue to turn up the heat. It probably won't be an issue for the Utley or Ma family but do you think your family will make the cut?