A couple of my favorite holiday songs from the trans-siberian orchestra:

Christmas Eve Sarajevo (1996)

Wizards in Winter (2004) - original house lightshow from 2005.

Thanks to all on this site who have helped to educate me on financial matters.
Looking forward to an even more prosperous and adventurous 2008.

Okay so since this is rant and rave, I can't help myself. One rant, one rave from 2007:

Rave: Powder titanium. Wow. I'm not a stage performer by any means, but I do fire breathing, and back in july at an impromptu event, when I did my little trick where I fire breath and throw powder titanium into the flames, making a hand-held firework, I heard a gasp from the crowd. Probably the best feeling I had the entire year.

Rant: The continued deterioration of decorum in the northwest hemisphere. It appears to me that the word "neighborly" might end up being a word like "hath" - archaic and not useful except in talking about quaint old times.

Happy and safe holidays everyone.