It's mostly information overload. The internet brings all the bad news directly to our attention, with amazing efficiency. Sites like Drudge do a particularly good job at sifting through the news and bringing us the most depressing and shocking news. He seems to revel in the bad news. To some degree its always been like this, they just didn't have Matt Drudge in the 1790s to fill us in on the horrors of the French Revolution. Imagine if the old homefront got the real scoop on WWII, with video. Drudge likes to post stories that point out crazy behavior, but crazy is not a recent phenomena. Perhaps people feel a little more free to act on their impulses today.

I find Drudge depressing at times but still check in from time to time. It does make for a quick glance at what is going on in the world.

I find the most disturbing news to be news that points out just how dysfunctional our political system is and how polarized the citizens are. That's the makings of major upheaval and upheaval is what will affect me most. Not whether or not some transgender kid gets kicked out of school.