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....a Mattel child-testing specialist named Lindsey Lawson, had sleek dark hair and the singsong voice of a kindergarten teacher. Microphones hidden in the room transmitted what Lawson said next. ‘‘You are going to have a chance to play with a brand-new toy,’’ she told the girl, who leaned forward with her hands on her knees. Removing the pink tarp, Lawson revealed Hello Barbie.

‘‘Yay, you’re here!’’ Barbie said eagerly. ‘‘This is so exciting. What’s your name?’’

‘‘Ariana,’’ the girl said.

‘‘Fantastic,’’ Barbie said. ‘‘I just know we’re going to be great friends.’’....
the child testing-specialist sounds somewhat familiar... like....ummm... that other lindsey that starts with an L(ohan)

wondren how long it'll be before the under-represented lifestyle crowd gets their very own barbies...
as in... uhhhh.... strap-on barbie... and or the barbie, bobbie and ken threesome set (incl the strap-on accy kit, so ken dont feel left out of the party)
or HEY! why not the spoiled-rotten celebrity bitch barbie (with lohan-inspired accessories, like a re-hab playhouse and stolen jewelry to match... )