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Thread: Did the allies bring down Malaysian Airline MH17?

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    Default Did the allies bring down Malaysian Airline MH17?

    Even though I don't rule out that the rebels are behind the crime since all "evidence" had been collected by the Ukrainan government and presented within "a few hours after the incident", but the events leading to the incident and what happened immediately after can't make one wonder if this whole incident was planned and orchestrated.

    1. Kiev deployed surface to air missile system near to the city of Dotnsek. What are these missiles for when there's rebels had no aircraft?


    2. "Recordings of rebels telephone calls" appeared on social media hours after the plane was struck. In all military operations, these recordings would be sent to the HQ for investigation but this didn't happen. In all likelihood, these recordings appeared to have been pre-recorded as part of the orchestrated operation.

    3. Why did MH17 deviated from the usual flight path that was south of East Ukraine?

    Warning: Graphic.

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