Hey everyone, don't really post new topics but I have a question/thought to get us on the same page of things.

The FEDs, and othe CBs, money hose is finally filtering out and finding itself into every Parkable asset and investment possible (as opposed to being put into the productive economy like the FED said it would). The result is we have ALL investment boats rising.

What I'm having trouble determining is what IS the actual bubble we are in?
Junk bonds? But then Sovereign Bonds are priced out of whack as well. Spain's 10yr note is almost on par with the US 10yr note. Madness!

Stocks are going on a tear. The S&P is now on its longest run ever without a 200dma pull back

I'm thinking the bubble is in actual various currencies, the USD being only one of several mis-priced currencies out there. However what yard stick do you use to measure the value of currencies when most of the money is sitting parked in banks and CB balance sheets, and not showing up in the money supply or economy? Even Shadowstats has a muted M3

In any case, your thoughts?