I am finishing up an M.A. in Linguistics and the final requirement is to write my dissertation. I have chosen as a topic evaluative and ideologically-loaded metaphors in business media discourse, specifically as they relate to gold as an asset class. A few years ago, I copied and pasted a specific quote by E.J. from this site into a word document file, and I would be very grateful if someone could kindly let me know the origin of it by posting the Itulip link so that I might view the original source of it. This is so that I could reference it in my dissertation as long as it is from an Itulip link that is publicly available (this remains to be seen). Here is the quote:

"A high gold price is a major embarrassment to central bankers. When I got in the gold price was still giving central bankers an A for the fine job they did running a 30-year credit bubble and making everyone rich. At $1750 the gold market is giving central bankers a C. At $2500 they will be giving the central banks a D and at $5000 plus an F, at which point a clear Plan B will already be underway and visible to the connected and/or astute." --Eric Janszen

Thank you in advance for taking the time to reply!