Work troubles i fear..............

Its not the job, thats gone well ish, in fact with the wages i got am off to see one of Euro-land best hair transplant guys on Tuesday to see if there is anything he can do for Mega....i got thin hair as well as a lack of it....could be a dissapointing visit, we see.

The job has its funny moments as well, i was on the duty desk & got a call ref a missing plane (the guy had the wrong number we NOTHING to do with travel)...he lost it on radar.......i offered to stick my head out the window & see if i could see it.........he rang off in a huff.

No, its "Tim"..........he is gay & unlike all the other gay guys i worked with over the years he is VERY over the top. He keeps trying to hit on blokes & that very sadly means me as well as others. I brought a photo of my girl friend (just some woman photo i nicked off a dating site).

I tried to explain that i don't have a wife, i have other peoples.......

So, am off looking for some idea' get him to piss off.