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    Quote Originally Posted by DRumsfeld2000 View Post
    On Armstrong's site you can buy his special reports. There is one on gold and I was wondering if anyone has ever bought any reports from this guy. He talks a good game but so do many others.
    Feedback appreciated.
    I have and you should expect much the same as in his extended writings, only with greater emphasis on the individual reports generated using his super secret computer.

    Honestly, I can't make out heads or tails from the thing. Technical analysis has always been something of a black art to me, but Armstrong seems unnecessarily complicated and confounding. Heck, it took me a little while just to figure out his unique (to me, anyway) approach at noting a simple price.

    The reports are cheap enough that there's no harm in satisfying your curiosity, but do yourself a favor beforehand. Be sure you are solid on the methodology or at least how to read the arrays, otherwise it will likely leave you scratching your head and wondering why you didn't spend the cash on a nice meal or a great bottle of wine. I still can't say that really I understand his approach and so don't consider it a useful tool for trading, but you might have a different experience.

    Do share your findings with us.
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