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Thread: Stewart Laughs in Pelosiís Face

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    Default Stewart Laughs in Pelosiís Face

    Too bad he didn't slap it.

    Stewart Laughs in Pelosiís Face After She Admits She Doesnít Know Why Obamacare Site Failed
    by Noah Rothman | 11:48 pm, January 30th, 2014

    House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) sat down with The Daily Show host Jon Stewart on Thursday for a contentious interview. The interview became tense when Stewart attempted to get Pelosi to explain why government appears to function so poorly to the outside observer. When Pelosi attempted to explain why this was the case, Stewart became even more agitated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodsman View Post
    Too bad he didn't slap it.

    Stewart Laughs in Pelosiís Face After She Admits She Doesnít Know Why Obamacare Site Failed

    ďRight now, we have a school of thought in the House Republican caucus that is anti-government, anti-science, anti-Obama,Ē Pelosi said when asked about the nature of governance in Washington. ďThey have a trifecta that just enables them to vote against everything.Ē
    too bad that the dems, with her at the top of the steaming 'heap' for the last 6or7 years - havent been able to come up with a GD thing, INCLUDING A BUDGET - for them to vote for - despite having had VETO-PROOF MARGINS OF CONTROL over all 3 branches - in 09-10, when they bailed out their buddies in lower manhattan - when they COULD'VE done anything they wanted to.

    and what did We, The People get outa her bunch?

    sides something that SHE DONT EVEN KNOW WHY ITS NOT WORKING - because "we have to pass it to find out whats in it" ???

    what a bag of BS that b__h is - she's one of the biggest FRAUDS in the beltway.

    and her 'performance' on the congressional INSIDER TRADING scam is EXHIBIT A

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