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Feels a long way away from the four freedoms. First we have to make sure we know what freedoms are.

America's original sin was making people into property.

Seems to me we're way back at confusing people with property again.

First we made people into property.

Now we've made property into people.

In the universe where property is people, things operate differently.

Freedom of speech has become Citizen's United. Freedom of religion has become Hobby Lobby. Freedom from fear is criminal immunity for banks. And Freedom from want is TARP and the Discount Window.

When you confuse people with property, you confuse freedom with slavery by necessity.

Maybe it's all just a question of whether we will have another abolition movement.
Slavery was the almost fatal flaw in great experiment that is the United States of America.

It took the American Civil War, which almost destroyed the nation, to reverse this great economic and governance mistake and the Civil Rights movement to begin to correct the moral and social damage.

It remains to be seen whether another fundamental flaw in the design can be corrected before it leads to a calamity as great as the American Civil War: the concentration of power and wealth without an equal concentration of personal accountability.

The founders tried to foresee every threat to freedom but they could not possibly foresee the FIRE Economy.