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Thread: How "Disclosure" will radically change energy, travel, war, pollution, religion & science!

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    Cool How "Disclosure" will radically change energy, travel, war, pollution, religion & science!

    In 2001,there was a televised (but mostly censored/blocked) near 2 hour long "Disclosure Project" (link to video) that has now gathered 2.5 Million views on Youtube. Only a few months after this event took place, 9/11 happened, and the story never got much mainstream attention. If you haven't followed any *serious* research on UFOs, be prepared to lose a night's sleep after watching this. In it, are dozens of high ranking government, Nasa and ex-military officials from a list of over 400 such individuals (you have to buy the DVDs) that told their individual stories, all of which are willing to testify before Congress on the subject. Those that dismiss UFO witnesses because they must be crazy, on meds, delusional, (insert your assumptions here), conveniently forget that once these particular individuals listed in the link above were fully trusted by the US government in their respective jobs of high responsibility. Further, it takes great courage to go public as a witness because you are likely to say goodbye to any standing of a life-time's worth of earned reputation.

    Since then we've had a number of death bed confessions by 4 US austronaults, ex-CIA officials, Ex-Lockheed Martin staff, Ex-Air Force staff, to name a few.

    In May of this year (2013), another disclosure event took place titled "Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure". This time 5 days long, with over 35 hours of footage recorded (not all available yet), wherein the former defense minister of Canada and high ranking officials from all areas of government/military from various countries, including a multitude of Phds in nuclear physics, medicine and other areas testified before *former* Senators & US Congress staff, including: Senator Mike Gravel (2 terms), Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey (10 terms), Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick (7 terms), Congresswoman Darlene Hooley (6 terms), and Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (10 terms) and Congressman Merrill Cook (2 terms).

    Some of the video footage has just been released on the Internet a few days ago. I've watched about 10 hours of it, but the one that I found most impressive was Part 3, wherein several Phds testify, some with claims that faster than light travel is possible without breaking the laws of thermodynamics or Einsteins theories. It is nearly 2 hours long, but very much worth watching.

    Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure May 3rd, 2013 Part 3
    (skip to 9:30 where it starts)

    Beyond this, I ran into another really outstanding lecture that dated back to 2010 by researcher Richard Dolan, who contemplates what would happen the day after the US (or some other) government disclosed the truth about UFO/aliens. This is also 2 hours long, and very much worth watching. In it he actually spends some time looking at disclosure from the perspective of the US president and the major challenges it would bring, but he also touches upon how disclosure would likely impact the world's energy, travel, war, religions, pollution and scientific community to name a few.

    After Disclosure: Truth About The Alien & UFO Cover Up - Richard Dolan

    Enjoy, I did
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