Been awhile, so i thought i take time off my fav ex-stream porn websites (Don't worry,No kids) to share with you the view from Liverpool. 1st of all i am delighted to report major improvements all round, like a super tanker its taken time to change direction, but it has.

The welfare scum whom were housed in buy-2-let homes around the nice(er) areas of Liverpool & beyond have mostly gone. This is due to two major changes, 1st the so called "Bedroom tax" or as i call it the "F*ck you am not paying for you to live alone in a big house for free tax". In short the Welfare payments will NOT cover the rents......& i see many houses either to rent or (once the owner gives up) For SALE signs.

The other KILLER blow is the change to how the Welfare payment is made. In the "good old days" the Buy-2-let scum would have the goverment pay him directly. This was brill because it allowed him to "recruit" any form of low life, be it drug user or just out of jail or just TRASH person. No matter what scumbags they were, no matter what harm they did the local people whom had worked Bloody hard to move away from these sh1ts..........just so long as they could "Sit off the house for them".

Well, "Sadly" (Snigger) the rules changed.........the payment is now made DIRECTLY to the scumbag....thus he suddenly get a payment of 500-800 a month....he "Forget" to pay the rent......that is a real cash flow killer!

Gangs of them would take it in turns to set up a house, then keep the cash, then move to their mates house while he did the same. .....& there is NO Blacklist so the buy-2-let(er) has no idea if he is about to give 3-6 months FREE rent out.

This forced the B2L crew to try to rent to honest folk, but the market is FULL of homes & honest people can now force DOWN the rents by jumping from site to site.

All of the above has "Very sadly" taken it toll of said B2L scum. Even now they simply shocked at what happened to them...the banks now say NO, not Yes....they discovered what "Margin call" means & that those houses they bought up in 2005-2008 are 25-30% LESS in value. The one way bet turned out to be two way & they got nailed!

On a personal note ......"my heart goes out" to a local B2L(er) that was "kind enough" to place scum with walking distance of my elderly Mum/Dad a few years ago. I recall getting the frightend phone call 6.20 am from Mum to tell me that the house had been broken into & Dad's car gone along with the lap top i bought him for xmas.............Well sad news my friends.........the bank called in his loan book!

I counted 8 houses now for sale, most without anyone in them......& HIS HOUSE which he had to leave. The V8 Audi suv is gone, replaced with a 15 year old Ford Focus......i recall the sh1tty look he gave us all when swan-ing about.........delighted to say i caught HIS eye this week with an "I know your F*CKED ASH*LE" look...........he looked back with rage & dis-pear, he is not alone.

Over the last few months i seen the BMW count fall, sure older ones are about & there are a few new small engined ones.........but the day of wall to wall new lease-hire BMW 3 series 320d or 320i looks past.

Bit by bit its turning, long way to go but the course is set.

Warp Speed Zulu !