No more annoying phone chargers, taking batteries in and out of devices to recharge them, and no more even thinking about recharging. Use your MP3 player at any time, it's always charged up. Imagine going to your local coffee shop or airport with your laptop and cell phone, and being able to sit anywhere and your devices are constantly being recharged. It actually even works over Wifi (2.4Gh or 5.x Gh) spectrum, and currently has a radius of 30 feet for 1 watt of continuous power (aprox 1/3 of USB power charging). There's obviously room for improvement, but great start.

Cota, will be bringing the Tesla's magic of wireless power to consumers by 2015! It is currently in a functional prototype stage as demoed in this video. Man, this is one company IPO I'd seriously consider - if they even need IPO money.

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