Nine years later I'm reading old threads and turns out that Reggie was spot on.

The founder was indicted and politically connected to high players in the DNC. The only part that was incorrect is that the testing never worked, therefore could not be used to identification and segregation of people.

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Yet, another cardboard cutout company suppoedly founded by the super-genius lone-dropout. How many more of these stories do we have to stomach. First, how much do you wanna bet that Ms. Holmes is linked to some pretty important people. Second, this system is being developed to support the people-identification and segregation systems planned for the future. No ID card will be needed, folks.

If Ms Holmes wants to cure cancer, or a myriad of other diseases, all she has to do is educate the public on proper nutrition and protection from environmental toxins.

Wait, but I thought it was only the lower uneducated classes that were subject to, and bought into, bread and circus?