A good friend of mine, Bill V., recently sent me this:

"A long time ago I gave lectures across the country to executives on how to deal with stress. The 'father of stress' was a man named Hans Selye, MD, who was famous, a prolific writer. He was quite respected in the medical fraternity. I read everything he wrote and followed through with the medical and psychological underpinnings of his theory. A popular book was titled
The Stress of Life.

One book got into his observations from his days when he did post mortems on people. One section I remember included an observation that a lot of people had evidence of a successful battle with cancer. But no one had treated the cancer, the body dealt with it successful... a complete remission of the cancer without a doc seeing it, I surmised.

His Stress Institute kept up research considering cancer a product of stress and was part of the G.A.S. General Adaptation Syndrome, of the body. He himself had a normally fatal cancer and through what he said his will, he had a complete remission."

This is an article on Selye and his beliefs about Cancer. It seems to me that considering cancer a product of stress and through strengthening the psychological and physiological resources of the body to try for 'spontaneous' remission of cancers that exist and as a proactive strategy to avoid nurturing cancers."


I share this because hopefully it will be of value.