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Thread: Survey Sez: optimism does not = $15/hour

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    Default Survey Sez: optimism does not = $15/hour

    some interesting (and/or thought or maybe even discussion-provoking) headlines today:

    from over at rupert's place:
    New Flash of Optimism for Small-Business Owners

    but not necessarily in burger land, where we learn over at yaaHOOOey that:

    Fast-Food Chains Aren’t as Rich as Protesters Think

    esp considering that, well... maybe some are getting a bit too carried-away (in thinking that dumping bags o fries into a basket of a fryolator and burger flippin is worth, HOW MUCH???)

    Fast food workers are going on strike today, calling for $15-an-hour minimum wage. The federal rate is $7.25.

    What's your take?

    I agree, it should be more than doubled (13554)
    It should be increased slightly (38075)
    It should stay the same (16951)
    Minimum wage should be [/PHP]abolished (25408)
    and meanwhile - over at bloomyville:

    Republican Health-Care Attack Shifts From Defund to Delay

    which will then likely result in even more part timers, most of whom WONT be getting 15bux/hour??

    but things might be starting to pick up down in the mines...
    Alamos Thriving in Gold’s Rout Ready for Value Buys

    (workin on a 'gold' mine, goin down down down WHOOPs... workin down down down...)

    and after a pop UP yest, the nervous money must be thinking the energy biz/market isnt looking so hot all of a sudden ??

    Energy stocks fall, a day after rallying on oil

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