now this is why i like to mix it up here on the 'outside' forums - i try to stay out of the more serious econ stuff behind the paywall, as thats why i pay for it, to learn, not argue/debate - so try not to distract and let those a lot smarter/educated than i am expand/expound upon the events/situations of the markets, things finance etc - here in the 'political economy' - that we find ourselves saddled with/almost enslaved by - but/so cant help but stick my .02 (and neck out) into these sorts of discussions - even when outgunned - as i've mentioned to dcarrigg, mr c1ue et al - i still enjoy getting involved in the debate - methinks it a trait of new englanders to discuss our diffs and i am always smiling when i'm typing, just soz ya know (i have more fun/get more enjoyment/gain more knowledge out of this place, than almost any other 'hobby' i've ever had

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Thanks for sharing your background. Knowing a little about it now I can say that I believe you would have enjoyed and benefited from the experience of a quality liberal arts education. The knowledge and method of discovery it inculcates is the birthright of the scrappy kid with the wrong pedigree every much as the boys' from Andover and Choate.

Having had such a positive experience, it's hard at first blush to understand why you seem so eager to denigrate it as foppish and impractical.
yeah, i guess so - some of my pals have mentioned i shouldve been a lawyer (or politician) - tho i really should've got an engineering degree, as thats what i've ended up being - when i do get to work - or maybe better yet, a geologist, working either in the oil/mining biz or maybe for the nat'l park service (had i only known...) - but even tho i was one of the smarter/higher IQ kids - the highest, my (electronics) shop teacher confided in me - got near straight A's up til midway thru jr year - school never really rang my bell/easily bored with/thru most of it - so dunno what would've happened, had i gone on past HS (and sorry to bore you with my self pity)

so seeming eager isnt necessarily the reality of why i appear to denigrate higher education - but i do wonder sometimes why those more educated than myself seem to need to make me think i'm stupid (esp my liberal pals - whats up with that, anyway) and dont hear an insult when its thrown at me - but whatevahs woody - its more like we grow too soon old and too late smart... that and just because i had to try being a skibum for awhile and even tho i still managed to work 40-60hours/week in a factory (at night mostly, so could ski 7days/week in them daze) - guess maybe i spent too much of my youth having fun.

or maybe had the legs of my little but profitable 24yo biz not been cut out from beneath me by the very same political economy that we are here to discuss, things might've been different (for both me and my ole man, since more or less same happened to him as well, starting in 1974...)

but thats ok - i get same sometimes from one of me brothers - the only one of us who did get degree'd (yale/econ and NO, he had to work/borrow/grant/scholarship his way thru, since we were pretty much a broke(n) family by then...)

again, sorry to bore you with my self pity.

But when I think about how liberal arts programs are presented in the media and the astronomical costs I get it. And some of those kids are little snots! But surely you'll agree that all the foibles and failures of the world exist too in academia. Had you experienced a quality liberal arts program, I think you'd treasure it as I do. But truth be told, I steered my charges to the hard sciences and engineering if that tells you anything.....
oh yeah, it certainly does.

I appreciate your perspective and I'm embarrassed and apologize if I've left the impression that I have some monopoly on truth or am free from self-deception. I've got much to learn and feel fortunate to have confidence in those few things I've come to know as fact and those few truths I've managed to pick up.
thanks (i think) thats good for you woody and i appreciate and thank you for sharing with us what you know.

but i cant even begin to keep up when things get to this level (esp being able to type with only 2fingers and cant think/compose any faster than that anywhy) so i know when to quit.