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Thread: FX: The final front in the war on terror - Dave Lewis

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    I agree. It's a non-issue, unless Ron Paul gets in.

    Even then, I bet James Turk becomes a very, very rich man (I don't know when his patents expire, though) ... because no one will be actually handling Gold.

    The original anti-gold actions were taken when Gold and Silver were common for everyone.

    It will NOT occur to anyone in power now. When was the last time, do you think, Cheney or Bush or Paulson or Bernanke or any Senator or Congressman held a gold coin?

    Or even thought about Gold unless asked by Ron Paul?

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackVoid View Post
    I do not think Gold will be banned. I have several reasons:
    - What do you think the big guys are invested in? Not the banks, but the real owners of the banks. GOLD. I think they bough it up cheap.
    This is a bit iffy as a reason the gov won't ban. The author of the recent book on the Liberty dollar (the $2million coin) claims that a lot of the richest people on Wall St bought Gold and moved it offshore in the weeks leading up to the original "turn in your gold for US dollars" presidential order.

    This author is not, apparently, a sound money guy or a GATA member. He got interested in that coin in his work at an auction house and did his own historical research on the coin's history.

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackVoid View Post
    - Banning Gold means that any country who is buying Gold is subsidized by the USA. Bad idea. Even now Russia and China (etc.) must be very happy that the West is subsidizing their gold buying. I am happy too.

    No, I think they have bigger problems and other goals than to suppress the gold price or buy gold. It is not a big issue. The demise of the FIRE economy and the inflation in price of anything tangible are the big issues.
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