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    A former Reagan administration insider.... do you really think she's changed hats-loyalties-etc, no matter the rhetoric she spins? C'mon, this is chatter meant to appeal to/feed the conspiracy crowd with the goal of maintaining fear in said audience as well as selling them the simulacra to come. Any violence will be initiated by operatives, as the public is always too docile to initiate such action. Catherine knows this... I personally know she knows this.

    The "Fortress America" concept is baloney... its more fear based propaganda. Such a system would fail, and that is already known. The current vision is dependent on a sophisticated networked society, where controls are unseen, because the population (at least the ones that matter) is so indoctrinated that they willingly comply. Just go visit any Silicon Valley company and you'll view this paradign in spades.

    Furthermore, her continual use of the example about the drug trade, with her point about all of us being complicit, it outrageous. But of course, it's a typical elitist technique - the public is always to blame... we're always complicit in this psychopathic system of deception.
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