I use to be subscribed to Stansberry's free newsletter but I found it to be filled with gibberish so i ditched that. He may be pro gold, but I would still take his recommendations with a grain of salt. So far I have yet to find a place as good as Itulip. Funny thing though, I actually would have never found itulip if it weren't for being subscribed to silverfuturist on youtube. He had talked about an interview eric did on his channel, and out of curiosity i searched him up. So if you're looking for more education, don't neglect the power of youtube when it comes to finding more sources to follow. At the moment though, i really can't imagine putting money into this stock market. I mean, how can one sleep at night knowing that the reason their money is in U.S. stocks while it makes all time highs is because its the prettiest ugly sister. I couldn't put more than 10% into that, frankly