Some of us have expressed interest in moving to another country for retirement. Let's start a discussion about the pros and cons, and how various countries will fare in a PCO world. Link to articles and blogs if you find good ones to share.

I'm curious about cost-of-living, quality of life (including climate and health care), economic and political stability, levels of crime and corruption, privacy, human rights and how well they respect the rule of law.

What are the country's natural resources, and are they developing them? Is it self-sufficient in food production? How's its water outlook? What is its debt level? How will it fare when POOM happens in the USA, and when/if the IMS cracks up in 2019 as EJ forecasts?

What are the country's policies on foreigners owning land? How stable is their banking system? Will they open bank accounts for USA citizens? What about taxes?

What is their policy on bringing in gold, or a car, or personal possessions?

Currently looking at Central and South America. These two blogs seem more grounded and practical than the usual fare: Paradise Uruguay and Uruguay Expat Life

Colombia and Ecuador have a lower cost of living than Uruguay, but I don't know how they compare in other ways. Uruguay seems very peaceful and stable, but it has to import all its oil. Colombia is an oil exporter. ALL have affordable health care.

EJ has expressed the opinion that we'll be better off here in the USA when the fan is hit. He might be right. But I am increasingly uneasy living in what feels more and more like a gilded police state. I'm willing to trade great plumbing and 500 brands of laundry detergent for a life without the TSA, the Patriot Act, NDAA, Obamacare, drones, etc. I think that a society where people are comfortable getting by with less might fare better in a PCO world than a spoiled society that has lost its self-reliance and is rapidly losing its civility. I could very well be wrong about this and welcome discussion.