I fear that i am in danger of losing my "REP" as being Itulips "British Bastard"..........Thus lets look at this "Poor" Chap:-

Now then, lets see......he bulsh1tted the welfare into giving him a FREE 3 beadroom house (nice area). He been sussed & after 6 YEARS of FREE use the party is now over. Like most he has a "Sob story" to try to pull on your heart strings (while he & Fu*kers like him pull on YOUR purse string!)

He got a sick kid (he sez), whom is only "Happy" when visiting dad's FREE 3 bedroom house!
He "not well" himself, thus can't work.........

I have no doult that there is a FREE BMW mobilty car parked up outside as well, but even he doesn't have the "Front" to kick off about that.

Roll on April, its going to ROCK!