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Thread: Feds buying enough bullets for '24-year war'

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    since the heavyweights are putting in on these conspiracies, figger its time for the lightweight POV....

    Quote Originally Posted by aaron View Post
    Or, they know the currency is going to be trashed soon and need to stock up. Hyperinflation will result in a messed up supply chain. The military and law force need to be maintained, no matter what circumstances are coming. ...
    Bubbles in fiber & Internet. Bubbles in housing. Bubbles in oil and gas exploration. Bubbles in agriculture. And, now the greatest bubble of all is blowing up... Healthcare.

    Food, shelter, medical care, energy. If you knew the shit was going to hit the fan, would you not direct policy to those items? Imagine if all debts were extinguished? We will still have what we will need to survive.
    and dont forget the biggest bubble, overall, of them all:
    the .gov bubble... thats been pumped-up to unprecedented proportions over the past 4-5 years, in particular.
    i mean hell, they cant cut even 3% of it without it being a DISASTER (for all the usual suspects... uhhh.. i mean programs)
    and what better way to pump the military-industrial complex - esp when you've just 'ended the wars' - than to fill the bullet boxes of every agency other than DOD - seems to me that kills a couple birds, while at same time allows the admin to crow about 're-ordering priorities'

    Quote Originally Posted by dcarrigg View Post
    I remember when a similar story came out last April.


    So there you have it. They probably will never actually buy 450,000,000 anyways. The press release was just a way for the ammo manufacturer to puff up its stock price. And it didn't even work, as I recall.

    That's how these stories and figures get started, though. Put out a release adding up all of the top cap numbers in a multi-year contract to try and puff up your stock performance, and get all of the investor sites to talk about it, which drives the conspiracy traffic to the investor site and puffs up advertising revenue, all the while hoping a few will buy shares in the ammo manufacturer.
    methinks dc hits the bullseye dead center on this angle too

    since this all adds to GDP dont forget, and well... what good is a 'recovery' without that, anyway?
    but its gonna take a heluva lot more than bullets to reach escape velocity on the output gap, so still waiting on signs of intelligent life from the beltway - altho we're seeing plenty of heat, all of a sudden - too bad there aint much light...

    Quote Originally Posted by flintlock View Post
    Some say this is nothing more than the Obama administrations attempt at going around Congress on gun control. No bullets will eventually put a damper on gun sales. My guess is speculators have bought up everything they can get their hands on and that combined with massive govt purchases, means ammo is in short supply. You can still buy it, just expect to pay a lot more, and not through the usual channels.
    well allrighty then: the conspiracy theory du jour!
    but ya know what they say: nothing cures high prices, like high prices.
    methinks there'll be a bumper crop of bullets by next year at this time, and cheaper than ever (short of hyperinflation)
    as all the mfr's over-produce, slash at each others profit margins in the ultimate race to the bottom and the inevitable drop out of the marginal players and TA DA!!!
    the big/profitable concerns will gobble up the weaker ones: full circle, just like usual...
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